Zoined Retail Analytics

March 2001

Today hundreds of stores all over the world are using Zoined retail and analytics service with either as our direct customers or using white label version of our portal without even knowing who is their service provider. (demo)


As one of the four original founders and 1st CEO of the company I want to give you my insight how it was done without boring you over the details.


It all begun with Vision that was formed in Gartner BI seminar that current

Self-built Business Intelligence solutions will eventually be replaced with out-of-the-box vertical offerings.


It all really made sense - Who would not want it if it is

  • Ready – no project risk

  • Product– looks good, works and develops without additional investment

  • Significantly lower cost


Looking back building company required 3 different streams to be successful

  • Build the product (duh)

  • Administration

  • Commercialization